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Look! A young rabbit visited Cloverleaf Corners Today. It’s Hollie Wildwood of the Celebration Brown Rabbit family, circa 1985! 
Hollie loves dressing up, singing and dancing, and like her family loves holidays and celebrating! 

The family is still being sold, find them here

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The Tuxedo Cat family settles down for a family portrait!

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Melissa is telling melody to get to bed, but Melody will NOT listen. She is just making a lot of grumbling noises and stomping her tiny paws!

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Happy Autumn! The Pig twins live in New England so they’re natural leaf-peepers. Their favorite leaf colors are orange and red.

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out for a hike, using teamwork to bridge this gap!

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Well, hello there! Welcome to my crib! 
I’m supposed to be sleeping but shhh let’s play patty cake instead! 

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hide and seek- I found you!!

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Natalie Tuxedo Cat and Hannah Pig are checking the trees they planted last year. Look how big they’re getting! 

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Hello everyone! Want to come play with us? 

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Any tips on tying tiny ribbon bows? Such tiny clothes 😷😫

The only answer I have for you is PATIENCE! I have thin fingers and it takes me many many many tries before I get the bows right- and even then they can be uneven. I’m just glad the tiny buttons are sewn on and not functioning! Hooray for that! 

Thank you for your question!