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Your blog is everything I've ever wanted out of life

Awww thank you so much! There are lots of Critters blushing over here. 

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This is my happy face! 

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Today is perfect for mowing! 

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The judging has ended and Michaela from Brazil impressed our judge the most! 

Our Judge is Maddie from the southern USA! She is a young critter collector who has followed our blog from the beginning! She loved the pencil drawing by Michaela the best. (mask to protect her secret identity!)

Congrats Michaela! You have won the rabbit piggy bank with original art by the Hooray for Calico Critters creator, Allie! That’s me! 

For the three other entries by Sucre-dolls, Ugly-fun, and Oreome, your art will all be featured on our blog for one week! Check in later today to see how your art is incorporated into our sites! Facebook Blogspot Tumblr 

Thank you all for entering, following the contest, and following Hooray for Calico Critters!

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Do you garden? We do! 

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Calico Critters has released new sets!

New sets are available including a goat family, a doctor’s office, and new Ready-to-Play with lots of accessories! 

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Mushroom umbrella! 

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The SIlk Cats are hard at work on a sewing project! 

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The Deluxe Village House has a full bath! complete with slippers, hamper, and a rubber duck. 

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Chillin’ in the park!

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