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These two bears are looking for berries in a nearby field! Mrs. Bear called her daughter over to take a picture to remember how peaceful the moment was. 

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Melody Bear is learning the names of local flora and fauna! What is your favorite flower?

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This lighting makes the Cottontail’s house look like a movie set! The Critters would love to have their own movie, but the pigs might hog the spotlight!

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Rose and Carly are having fun climbing! It’s always smart to bring a spotter, and the view from way up here is amazing!

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I would just like to say that this blog brings me such joy and I absolutely love it so much! Please tell the Critters I say hello! ☺️🐰🐥🐭🐷🐱

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Hello Everybody! Hooray, it’s Fall!

The Critters found some websites for our UK followers and fans of Sylvanian Families! These sites find and catalog rare sets, trade, and have tons of information on each set.
The first site/blog is the best! It provides lots of great information about each set including bios, availability, value, information from multiple countries and great pictures! It’s great for researching Critters or families you have and to answer questions about sets from the 80’s to today!

1. http://sylvanianhaven.weebly.com/
2. http://www.sylvanian-families.net/
3. http://www.sylvanianvillage.com/

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Just a couple of artists having fun! 

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Johnny Silk Cat took his daughter Susie on a walk in the garden, to teach her all of the different flower names and how to spot them!

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Melissa Bear cooking croissants!

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Willow the pony enjoying these marigolds- They remind her of sunshine! 

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