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I love my summer jumper! 

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1/12 vanilla sweets at the shabby cottage by El-Arte-de-Angelina

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The Critter Cats are taking over Salem Massachusetts!
They went away this weekend to see the TV Land statue of Elizabeth Montgomery, and snapped some photos for their scrapbook!

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Good Morning!

Wishing you a great day from sunny Cloverleaf Corners!

-The Critters 

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Your blog is fantastic! I absolutely love it! Have a nice day! :)

Thank you! We hope your day is even better! 

-The Critters

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Father bunny got up early to do some cleaning!

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playing hide and seek in mom and dad’s room! 

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Here is a tip for your Critter collection!

To easily access and furnish your doll house, you can get yourself a lazy susan. The house sits on top of it, and moves easily! 

You can get one anywhere kitchenware is sold, I bought mine at a local Wal Mart. Here are links!


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The Cottontails are stocked up on food! Mrs. Cottontail even made chocolate chip muffins.

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Welcome! by Gurooo on Flickr.

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