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Hello everyone! Want to come play with us? 

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Any tips on tying tiny ribbon bows? Such tiny clothes 😷😫

The only answer I have for you is PATIENCE! I have thin fingers and it takes me many many many tries before I get the bows right- and even then they can be uneven. I’m just glad the tiny buttons are sewn on and not functioning! Hooray for that! 

Thank you for your question!

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Oh! Hello! I missed you!

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These bunny pals are enjoying the shade! 

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Nathan Pig took this kitten out to look at the local street art in Cloverleaf Corners!

Chalk art done by Massachusetts Student artist Kevin Hill-Williams

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It’s a stressful time of year! Hooray for Calico Critters wants you to know you are doing great! 

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Heloise is always ready to pose for a picture!

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Melissa Bear is cooking croissants for her and her daughter Melody! Just add some veggies and it’s a perfect snack.

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The shower is free now, if anyone wants a turn! 

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Look at that cute face! 

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